Summer Lab Science Program || Mayo Clinic

The Summer Lab Science Program at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, offers students the opportunity to gain experience in the clinical laboratory environment by working alongside Mayo Clinic laboratory employees.

Working with blood, tissue and bodily fluid specimens, technologists perform a wide range of tests from the simple to the complex, using both time-honored manual techniques and state-of-the-art instruments. A patient's diagnosis, treatment and health may be directly dependent upon the laboratory test results.

As clinical testing is highly regulated by Mayo's accrediting agencies and requires appropriate levels of educational degrees, you will not be responsible for performing clinical testing — though you'll have the opportunity to perform pre-analytical functions, work on laboratory-related projects and potentially observe high-complexity testing.

While in the Summer Lab Science Program, your responsibilities may include aliquoting, extraction, centrifugation, assay and instrument validation, and instrument preparation and loading.

Open to: U.S. citizens (or those authorized to work in the U.S.) who are completing junior year (summer prior to graduation) with a cumulative GPA >2.75.

Payment: TBA with the position’s posting

Location: Rochester, MN (U.S.)