Become a JYI Staff Member

JYI is currently seeking motivated science undergraduates to fill a variety of unpaid positions. Applicants must have a strong academic background and be proficient in the English language. All applicants for editorial positions must also demonstrate both research and writing experience. Please review what each position entails (below) before you submit an application to its respective department. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Chief Operating Officer at

Currently Available Positions

We are currently evaluating applications for:

Executive Positions:

All Non-Executive Positions

JYI Staff Position Descriptions

Executive Board



The EIC oversees the editorial side of the executive board including the Research Department, Science Career Center, News and Features Department, and Copy Editing Department.


  • Pursue editorial projects that further the mission of the Journal
  • Communicating with the Board of Directors
  • Hiring for executive editorial positions
  • Communicate with Partners
  • Create vision and goals for editorial board
  • Track progress of editorial board

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Are self-motivated
  • Possess leadership abilities
  • Able to work well in teams
  • Have great writing and communication skills
  • Plan to commit to the position for ~12 months or more, if possible

Why you should apply:

  • Networking opportunities with BOD and Journal contacts
  • Potential to travel to conferences on the behalf of the journal
  • Leadership opportunity at the largest undergraduate research journal
  • Learn the process of professional publication

Chief Executive Officer


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the oversight of corporate matters and the primary corporate liaison to the Board of Directors (BoD). The CEO is responsible for managing the corporate board departments which include operations, technical, financial, development, and communications.

In practice, the CEO serves a decision-making and support role. The CEO is often called upon to determine the next steps required to move JYI forward in additional to providing consultation support to all corporate departments.


  • Developing a short and long-term vision for JYI
  • Planning monthly Executive board meetings
  • Maintaining the link between the Executive board and the Board of Directors (BoD)
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Establishing inter-institutional and inter-organizational relationships, especially those with professional journals, corporations, publishing groups, and professional societies
  • Ensuring each corporate department is expanding to progress JYI

Chief Development Officer

The Chief Development Officer must be creative, comfortable with writing, and willing to make unsolicited contact with companies and organizations. Leadership and organizational skills are essential, as the CDO coordinates a staff of development/financial officers in achieving the goals of JYI. The CDO is also responsible for the Annual Report and maintaining relationships with current sponsors.

Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer acts as the webmaster and is responsible for maintaining and updating JYI website and staff resources. This responsibility includes the development, maintenance, and/ or security of the website on Squarespace, Scholastica, and other database files. The CTO may also be responsible for JYI email aliases, journal outreach using SEO, Google Analytics, and other internet marketing tools and the formatting of the journal contents for publication.

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for JYI’s budget and overall financial health. This includes managing JYI’s quarterly and annual budgets, developing JYI’s medium- and long-term strategy for financial growth to fund new and ongoing initiatives, and leading the overall process and strategy for securing grants. The CFO ultimately ensures that JYI continuously receives financial support to achieve its goals of improving undergraduate science education.

Senior Research Editor

The SRE is responsible for all content in the research section of the journal. The SRE trains and coordinates the efforts of Research Editors and oversees their work. The SRE has final say on all publishable research manuscripts. In addition, the SRE maintains JYI’s relationship with professional faculty advisors.

Chief Communications Officer


The Chief Communications Officer is responsible for managing all communications between JYI and academic institutions, as well as the general public. Responsibilities include recruitment of new staff and manuscripts, marketing, public outreach, and managing all of JYI’s presence in social media. In addition, the CCO writes and distributes press releases and advertisements through various venues. The CCO’s integral role ensures that JYI remains at the forefront of undergraduate science publishing, and continues to appeal to all aspects of academia.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is in charge of fostering a supportive environment for JYI staff members and serves as a bridge between leadership and staff. Responsibilities include managing internal programs, coordinating staff applications, working with universities worldwide, and monitoring recruitment drives. The COO ultimately ensures that all staff understand and fulfill our organization’s primary mission of enriching undergraduate science education and journalism.

Senior News & Careers Editor

The Senior News and Careers Editor manages the News & Features Department (NFD) and the Science Career Center (SCC) within the Editorial Division at JYI. Typical responsibilities include making article assignments for journalists and editors; managing on-going writing cycles; approving articles prior to publication; and interviewing, hiring, and training new staff members. As a member of the Executive Board of JYI, the SNFE also develops and participates in projects that improve the internal structure of the entire journal.

Managing Editor

The Managing Editor (ME) oversees all activities in the Copy Editing Department, requiring an average commitment of 10 hours per week. He or she serves as the final reviewer of all content to be published and is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of research content, literary quality, and visual appeal. The ME is also in charge of hiring and training all members of the department and oversees more than ten staff members from diverse nationalities and scientific backgrounds. As an executive member, the ME has the opportunity to collaborate with other department heads to pursue projects with far-reaching effects on the trajectory of the journal. The ME position provides valuable and diverse experiences, including leadership, team-building, scientific editing, publishing practices, and visual design.

Editorial Department

Deputy News & Careers Editor

The position serves as a deputy to the head of the News & Careers Department. As a deputy to the executive position, this staff member will help run the department and facilitate the article writing process. The deputy will oversee hiring and training for the department and organize the writing cycle. This is a non-executive board leadership position that provides the opportunity to manage the department and move into an executive role. The deputy will also work more closely with the staff Journalists and Editors than the department head.

News and Careers Editor (Hiring)

Science Career Center (SCC) and News & Features Department (NFD) Editors work with staff Journalists to create original JYI content under the Editorial Division, unlike Associate Editors who edit research manuscripts.Editors provide guidance and feedback to journalists on their articles throughout each writing cycle. Typical responsibilities include guiding article planning and topic selection; providing feedback on article outlines and proposals; revising article drafts for organization, flow, tone, and content; assessing whether articles are ready for final review by the department heads; and communicating with the department heads about journalist progress in the writing cycle.

Journalist (Hiring)

Journalists work under the guidance of editors to write articles for the News & Features Department (NFD) and Science Career Center (SCC). Journalists create original JYI content under the Editorial Division, and write feature articles instead of research manuscripts. NFD articles include short News Briefs on breaking science news and longer Features on prominent scientific topics. SCC assignments include writing science Career Features and conducting interviews of professional scientists. Journalists are typically assigned a department at the beginning of each writing cycle but are given the prerogative to choose their own article topics.

Research Department

Deputy Senior Research Editor

The Deputy Senior Research Editor (DSRE) assists the Senior Research Editor (SRE) in managing in the research section of the journal. The DSRE helps train and coordinate the efforts of Research Editors and oversees their work. The DSRE reviews publishable research manuscripts before they make their way to the SRE.

Associate Editor (Hiring)

Associate Editors (AEs) perform the crucial function of evaluating research and review manuscripts submitted to JYI. Editors are assigned a varying number of manuscripts based on how many are submitted each month. Prospective AEs should have demonstrated research experience and feel comfortable reviewing manuscripts in one or more of the disciplines listed below:

  • Biology and Biomedical Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Physical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Psychology and/or Neuroscience
  • Social Sciences

Research Editor (Hiring)

Research Editors (REs) are responsible for managing their own team of AEs by assigning manuscripts, setting and ensuring compliance to deadlines, and providing feedback to AEs regarding their peer reviews. REs also act as critical points of contact in communicating AE comments and recommendations to authors and advisors, in addition to providing final recommendations surrounding manuscript acceptance. Students interested in applying for the role of RE should possess excellent written communication and time management skills. Those with multidisciplinary academic backgrounds and research experiences will be considered an asset.

Copy Editing Department

Lead Copy Editor

The Lead Copy Editor (LCE) is the second-in-command for the Copy Editing Department, requiring an average commitment of 5 hours per week. He or she serves as an intermediate between the Managing Editor and Copy Editors to ensure that accepted research manuscripts are of the highest literary quality. The LCE coordinates all assignments within the department and works directly with authors to implement Copy Editors’ feedback regarding the clarity, conciseness, and APA compliance of their papers. This role provides the opportunity to greatly impact both the quality of published papers and the science writing experience of undergraduate authors. The LCE gains excellent experience in leadership, communication, and scientific editing.

Copy Editor

The Copy Editor (CE) position is responsible for improving the literary quality of all accepted papers, requiring an average commitment of 5 hours per week. Unlike Research Editors and Associate Editors, who evaluate the quality and impact of the research described in each paper, Copy Editors evaluate the quality of the paper itself. Following the completion of an intensive training program, CE’s provide feedback to authors regarding the clarity, conciseness, and APA compliance of each paper. CE’s develop broad scientific knowledge by reviewing papers from multiple disciplines. This position provides excellent experience in scientific editing, and many CE’s find that the quality of their own papers improves dramatically as a result.

Director of Publications (Hiring)

The Director of Publications (DoP) is in charge of publishing all research and editorial articles on the JYI website, requiring an average commitment of 5 hours per week. He or she utilizes WordPress as well as basic html to convert each paper into an easily-readable website format. The DoP also is responsible for indexing all research articles in databases and overseeing the Layout Designer to ensure that all page designs are visually appealing. This position provides excellent experience in web and page design, as well as the process of scientific publishing.

Layout Designer

The Layout Designer (LD) is responsible for designing the pdf layouts of all publications, requiring an average commitment of 5 hours per week. He or she utilizes Adobe InDesign software to create layouts for research and editorial articles that are both easy to read and visually appealing. The LD is also involved with designing the layouts for special issues, such as the annual Best of JYI print publication, as well as JYI promotional materials. The LD position combines science journalism with creative processes to provide excellent experience in all aspects of visual design.

Technology Department

Data Officer

Data Officers will work with the Chief Technology Officer to develop new sections of the JYI website and technological capabilities. Data Officers will play a key role in the function of JYI. The time commitment is flexible. Experience in programming can help but the Data Officer position does not require previous knowledge. It is a good opportunity to learn basic skills in computer science.

Corporate Strategy & Marketing Department

Development Officer

The Development Officer is responsible for working with the Chief Development Officer to seek out funding from and maintain relationships with sponsors. This may include researching new avenues of funding, contacting new companies or organizations, maintaining relationships with current sponsors, or monitoring and tracking current expenditures.

Communications Officer (Hiring)

The Communications Officer works closely with the Chief Communications Officer to coordinate public relations and manuscript submissions for JYI. Communication Officers will generally work in the following areas: advertising, social media, visual materials development, and creating or maintaining outreach programs.

Operations Manager (Hiring)

Managers work closely with the Chief Operating Officer to manage JYI’s 70+ staff members. Managers will also work with the entire corporate executive board to ensure that JYI’s internal staff programs are running efficiently. In addition, Managers maintains JYI’s contact with faculty, university programs, student groups, and JYI alumni.

Art Department

Graphic Artist (Hiring)

Graphic Artists will be responsible for enhancing the visual feel of the website, including creating new interfaces and adding illustrations to feature articles. These individuals will also be responsible for gathering and creating multimedia for new JYI projects such as the JYI Focus series