Faculty Advisors

Faculty can participate with the Journal of Young Investigators (JYI) in a number of ways. This includes becoming a faculty mentor to an undergraduate staff member, helping a student submit a manuscript to JYI, and advertising JYI to other students and faculty.

Becoming a Faculty Advisor

Faculty members from universities around the world serve as mentors for our staff. All staff members are required to find a faculty mentor to work with them throughout the editorial process.

What does becoming a mentor entail? This varies from mentor to mentor. All training of staff is provided by JYI. Mentors will help guide staff while reviewing a submission and contribute their professional perspective. All mentors are required at a minimum to come to a mutual decision with the undergraduate staff member on the final decision for the submission (acceptance with major/minor revisions versus rejection). Overall, there is little work involved with the position (usually ~1 undergraduate research manuscript per month), and our staff greatly benefit from the generosity of our mentors.

To become a mentor, please encourage promising undergraduate students at your institution to apply to join our staff. Please direct all further inquiries to sre@jyi.org.

Your Students' Submissions

Since its inception in 1997, JYI has published over 500 research and features articles by undergraduate students and has been highlighted in Science, Nature, and The New York Times. If you have any undergraduate students conducting research under your guidance, please encourage them to submit to JYI.

Spreading the Word to Undergraduates

The Journal of Young Investigators is an exciting student-lead initiative to enrich the undergraduate experience.  If you have students who are involved in research, please encourage them to take advantage of our opportunities. With an editorial staff of over 60 talented students from six countries, we offer unique opportunities in scientific publishing to undergraduates from around the world.

Support JYI

If you are interested in supporting JYI and its mission, please visit our Pressroom, where you can find promotional materials to distribute at your institution. For more information, please contact cco@jyi.org.