Science News

European Cities Set to Go Green

Author:  Emma Loewe

The Triangulum Project, an initiative that showcases cutting-edge sustainable innovations, may have the answer. The project will lead the EU’s Smart Cities and Communities Initiative to make European cities more sustainable by reducing energy consumption, greenhouse emissions, and road congestion. Smart Cities brings together major urban centers, private companies and NGOs to achieve the EU’s 20/20/20 climate action goals. The numbers refer to 20% targets in greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy creation, and energy efficiency improvement.

Plankton get jet lagged, too

Author:  Maria Zagorulya

Humans are not the only species to experience fatigue and even illness when moving from one time zone to another. The same hormone responsible for causing our internal clocks to fall out of sync with actual time also controls the vertical migration of plankton in the ocean, according to new research published September 25th in the journal Cell. The discovery may fill in one of the missing links in our understanding of the evolution of daily rhythms and sleeping patterns in animals.