University of Michigan Big Data Summer Institute

Datasets of enormous complexity and size are being generated in the diverse areas of genomics, imaging, electronic health records, social media and environmental monitoring. The insights obtained from these massive data sources will inform the prevention and treatment of human diseases and play a major role in biology, medicine and public health in the coming decade. But more training is needed to prepare the next generation of leaders to tackle these challenges.

The Big Data Summer Institute, a six-week interdisciplinary training and research program at the University of Michigan, has been designed to introduce undergraduate students to the growing number of approaches to big data.

Open to: U.S. Undergraduate students in their sophomore and junior years

Payment: Support packages are based on merit and need. Exceptional applicants will receive a room and board package for six weeks and an additional stipend. There are no fees or tuition costs associated with participation in the program.

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan