Routes of Regeneration: from Axolotls to a Human Heart

Starfish can regrow limbs, some arthropods can regrow appendages, and certain worms can regenerate after being cut in half. Since humans share thousands of genes with these animals, it seems reasonable to look for evolutionary conservation in regeneration. Studying organ regeneration in animals to find solutions for humans is an important potential avenue for improving health and quality of life through better medical care, which has become a central quest in modern medicine as longevity has increased.

A Chilly Change in Perspective on Arctic Algae Blooms

Sea ice has become an important index of Arctic health in the midst of a warming regional climate. Its prominence is due in part to its visibility: there are few pieces of evidence as straightforward and convincing to the general public as satellite images displaying dwindling ice from year to year. There is also sound scientific support for the ice’s importance: sea ice and climate exist in a careful balance, each one impacting—while simultaneously being impacted by—the other.