Dieticians and Nutrition: Are you what you eat?

Author:  Madeleine Jepsen

For many people, "eating healthy" involves more than just avoiding excess fat and adding in plenty of fruits and vegetables. People of different ages, activity levels, and health backgrounds  all have unique nutritional needs. Whether it be a professional athlete, a businessman with diabetes, or a small child with an iron deficiency, dietitians play an important role in maintaining people's health by applying their expertise on food and nutrition.

Organs Without a Home: The Fascinating World of 3-D Bioprinting

Author:  Dana Lowry

This past February, the Wakeforest Institute of Regenerative Medicine accomplished the most advanced feat of tissue regeneration to date: they created a human ear, and kept it alive attached to the backside of a mouse. The ear, exhibiting human-like vasculature and cartilage development, is a promising beginning to the quest to create customized organs.