Interval Estimation of Glomerulus Filtration Rate from Iohexol Clearance

Author:  Havell Markus, May Boggess, Mary Beth Nabity, George Lees

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the amount of fluid the kidney filters through the glomeruli per unit time. It is used to evaluate renal function, since a low value indicates poor kidney function. Serial plasma concentrations of an exogenous marker over time can be used to estimate GFR. In this paper, we will demonstrate how the delta method can be applied to approximate the standard error of estimated GFR, thus allowing the provision of an interval estimate for GFR, using two pharmakinetic models: the single compartment and the non-compartmental. These results were applied to canine observations of plasma iohexol concentrations.

The Career Paths of Bioengineering

Author:  Jessica Johnson

Bioengineering has origins dating back thousands of years in the form of devices such as artificial limbs and crutches meant to assist movement. Although prosthetic development remains a focus of contemporary bioengineering, the field has greatly expanded to combine engineering, biology, physics, mathematics, and medicine in order to solve biological problems.

A Career in Environmental Sciences

Author:  Maria Zagorulya

The environmental sciences are the study of the world around us. Combining knowledge from fields like ecology, meteorology and geology, environmental scientists research the Earth’s natural and unnatural processes and provide solutions to environmental problems. For example, a few days ago, environmental scientists developed an improved computational model for predicting climate change.

Neanderthal DNA Got You Down? Our Ancient Ancestor DNA May Influence Depression

Author:  Julie Spitzer

Throughout Europe and parts of Asia, from 400,000 to 40,000 years ago, Homo neanderthalensis roamed. This species has been called our closest ancestor. Short, stocky and cold adapted with large but not quite as complex brains, they used tools, controlled fire, created art and buried their dead. They were quite advanced for what storybooks usually depict as crude, primitive cavemen.