Science Careers

The Why’s and How’s of Biotechnology Startups

Author:  Maria Zagorulya

Many scientists dream to create or join a biotech startup. Indeed, if a startup succeeds, the rewards are enticing. However, a startup is a risky business. Nine out of ten startups will fail for a number of reasons. Gambling factor aside, some believe that involvement in a startup is not worth the stress, while others argue that the experience is invaluable. So why join a startup? What are the pros and cons of performing science in a startup environment? Working in a biotech startup can be dissatisfying to a scientist for several reasons. 

Teaching a Machine to Learn

Author:  Hriday Bhambhvani

“Researchers teach a machine how to learn like a human” – sounds like something out of a Frank Herbert sci-fi novel, right? Not quite. A group of scientists have developed an algorithm that encapsulates our learning abilities and recapitulates them in computers. These computers are able to recognize and draw novel visual concepts that are mostly indistinguishable from those created by humans, demonstrating an improved capacity for information acquisition and retrieval. The work, published in the latest issue of Science, represents a major advance in the field: a significant shortening in the time it takes computers to consolidate new concepts and apply them in new areas.