“Are These the Droids We’re Looking For?” Fictional Forebodings and The Future of Artificial Intelligence According To Humans

Author:  Belinda Ongaro

When discussing Artificial Intelligence, or AI, the public has a tendency to envision the robots portrayed in science fiction books and films. Unfortunately, this can lead many people to anthropomorphize to an unrealistic extent. To gain a clearer understanding, we spoke with Daniel H. Wilson, author of the novel Robopocalypse. He holds a PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and lives in Portland, Oregon.

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The Science of Economic Decision-Making

Author:  Belinda Ongaro

Advertisers can be impressively accurate when it comes to predicting the behavior of consumers, but traditional economic behavioral models merely describe average consumer behavior. As recent research has shown, economic decision-making is multifaceted, and influenced by a consumer’s emotions, beliefs, and social status.  Today, in a novel branch of behavioral psychology known as neuroeconomics, researchers are taking such factors into account by developing new models that they hope will bring economic “mind reading” to a new level.