Science Careers

Forensic Anthropologists Have a Bone to Pick With TV Crime Shows

Author:  Belinda Ongaro

If they aren’t out investigating gruesome murders as depicted in popular crime shows, what exactly do forensic anthropologists do? Generally speaking, a forensic anthropologist is responsible for deciphering details such as age, height, gender, ethnicity, time and cause of death, and other characteristics of skeletal remains associated with a legal case.

Careers in Environmental Consulting

Author:  Emma Loewe

Increasingly stringent legislation on chemical releases is forcing businesses to become more environmentally aware. EPA regulations concerning lead, mercury and greenhouse gas emissions have increased demand for environmental consultants. These specialists test various aspects of a company’s environmental impact in order to identify potential problems or breaches in government regulations.

Assisting in the Field: A True Research Adventure

Author:  Yeva Ragauskayte

Snorkeling and scuba diving in coral reefs, trekking through the jungle, climbing icy slopes—do you see yourself partaking in any of these adventures in pursuit of knowledge? This is exactly what field assistants do when they help conduct research in the field. Many research studies do not just take place in a laboratory, but also in outside natural environments.