fMRI Lie Detection: Is there Science Behind Deception?

Deception is a fascinating, yet unsettling, trait that pervades all cultures and societies, festering in the fissures of fragile human relations. Lies can take various forms, whether it is the blatant manipulation of facts or subtle omissions; in either form, deception is the concerted suppression of the truth. The search for the truth-or the lack thereof- is something social scientists have pursued for centuries, in an effort to relieve the distrust and deceit that destabilize social relations.

"Bon Exploration!"--A Parisian Research Experience for Undergraduates with the Pasteur Institute of France

A hard and productive day's work at the lab followed by an evening enjoying the sights, sounds and culinary delights of Paris,sound too good to be true? The Pasteur Foundation Summer Undergraduate Internship offers such a unique opportunity to students nationwide. Open to undergraduates of U.S citizenship, this program brings participants for 10 weeks to the world-renowned Institut Pasteur in Paris, France, conducting biomedical research in a culturally diverse and stimulating milieu.