Making a Difference Through Hard Work

The Journal of Young Investigators is an amazing organization as well as an oddity. Over ten years after its original founding, JYI is still going strong. What is surprising to most is that JYI is run almost exclusively by undergraduate students. Over the course of a month, one hundred or so undergraduates work together to produce numerous news and features articles, in addition to assisting other undergraduate students in publishing their scientific work. Furthermore, this is all happening while taking class, conducting research, and in some cases, working various jobs. There is no doubt that JYI has made a difference in the lives of many students across the world, whether it be by encouraging our readers to start doing their own research, or by exciting students to actually join the organization. But, how can an organization like this exist under these circumstances? What does it take to make a difference not only on the organizational scale, but also on the individual scale? Let me give you three thoughts to consider as you try to make a difference with your undergraduate education and research.