"If You're Happy and You Know It"...You Will See More

Researchers at the University of Toronto have examined the correlation between people's moods and their scope of visual perception. The results from the study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, yield direct evidence that good moods expand the window through which an individual views the world, whereas the opposite holds true for those who experience bad moods.

The Latest Craze in Renewable Energy: Blood in a Biofuel Cell!

When one has invented something, there is a feeling of achievement and elation that words can never fully define! This past year, I attended a summer certification program in nanotechnology. There was a varied group of people there from the various spheres of science – engineering students, masters in biotechnology and so on. I was the only completely "medical" person in the bunch, and I'd determined that my project in the program would center on nanomedicine.

Drought,the Detrimental Cigarette of the Amazon Rainforest

A land that covers nine countries including Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela in South America. An area twenty five times bigger than the United Kingdom. A home to the largest number of living species in the world. The greatest oxygen tank of the earth. A treasure box that some believe may provide solutions to various diseases. The Amazon is an essential part of the earth and plays a vital role in keeping the earth alive and vibrant. Therefore, even the regional changes in the Amazon rainforest can cause international consequences. As increased levels of carbon dioxide gives way to climate changes and subsequent problems, more and more attention is being paid to such significant natural features of the earth as the Amazon rainforest. After long-term research, several scientists are worried that the Amazon rainforest, currently the greatest carbon dioxide absorbent, may turn into the biggest carbon dioxide producer in coming years as a result of climate changes.

Making a Difference with Your Talents

There are numerous people with very unique talents. Some people have exceptional capabilities of public speaking, while others are able to run a mile at incredible speeds. Some individuals are capable of writing well crafted essays, while others can build incredible structures and machines with their own bare hands. Some people can perform complicated scientific experiments with ease, while others are expert marksmen. According to the United States Central Intelligence Agency, 6,677 billion people live on earth currently – a value that is increasing by 212,035 each day. Despite this vast number, each individual has his or her own unique set of talents that no one else on the planet has or ever will be able to possess. 6,677 billion people. In comparison to this number, each individual person is as a speck in a sea of humanity. However, how does a wise person handle their talents in such a way as to make a difference in the lives of others?