Power of Universities: Improving Access to Medicines

The World Health Organization predicts that 10 million people die annually from lack of vaccines and essential medicines (1). What role do universities play in such cases? By revising their policies and embracing an official resolution of improving human welfare, institutions could implement licensing provisions that facilitate access to their innovations in poor countries.

The Final Space Odyssey

'Here lies Arthur Clarke. He never grew up, but didn't stop growing' these are the words he wanted to have engraved on his tombstone. The beautiful island Sri Lanka observed silence for a minute at mid afternoon on March 22, 2008 as the man rested in his grave. The world bid farewell to the 90 year old futuristic scientific fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke who passed away on 19th of March, 2008 in his adopted home Sri Lanka due to the respiratory complication and heart failure.

Editorial: A Novel, Non-Invasive Approach to Diagnosing Urinary Tract Obstruction Using CFD

Urinary retention (ischuria), commonly known as a urinary tract obstruction, is one of the most common medical problems seen today, and is characterized primarily by the inability to urinate. There are various causes of urinary tract obstructions, ranging from kidney, ureteral, and bladder stones, to congenital defects, tissue scaring because of infection or surgery, in addition to various forms of cancers. Because a large percentage of individuals will experience obstruction during their lifetimes, much research has focused on developing efficient and cost effective ways of diagnosing this problem.