Editorial: The World is Flat and Bad

We tend to think of globalization in terms of the beneficial technological advances that have made this world "flatter" and "smaller". Humans, products, and services can travel from one place on Earth to just about anywhere else in much shorter times and in greater numbers. Yet, there is a human face to globalization too, an inhuman one indeed. The United Nations estimates that about 1 million children are trafficked across borders, many of them as sex slaves.

The Stem Cells That Promise No Miracles

The Stem Cells That Promise No Miracles

Stem cells have recently been heralded as being the key to ending a great number of the world's maladies. Stem cells' functions range from tissue repair to the formation of the entire human body. Most stem cell research presently focuses on harnessing the powers of stem cells and using their plasticity to create new cells to replace damaged ones. Once this is realized, many degenerative diseases as we know them will probably be history. However, the pessimists amongst us have long suspected that this was all too good to be true. What happens when these miracle cells stop working properly? Cancer.

Editorial: Design and Development of Resonance Frequency Tracking Software Using LabVIEW

The term "acoustics," derived from the Greek ακουστός, or "able to be heard," refers to the branch of science dealing with the study of sound. As sound and hearing undoubtedly play crucial roles in our modern society,influencing culture, technology, communication, and even our very survival,the applications of acoustics are virtually limitless.