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Meteorites Provide Clues to Planetary Birth

The study of the origin of planets is appealing for many reasons; after all, understanding the origins of Earth makes it easier to find other systems likely to form Earth-like planets. But since it is unlikely to catch a planet in the process of forming, researchers in this field require a certain amount of creativity, always needing to find new ways to "observe" planet formation billions of years after the fact.

A Rhesus Factor Protein Channels Extra Acids

If you know what blood group you belong to, you might have noticed a plus or a minus sign next to your group; A, B, AB, or O. This plus or minus sign refers to the presence or absence, accordingly, of a protein in the surface of your red blood cells called a Rhesus factor (abbreviated as Rh). A different Rh group between a mother and the baby she is expecting may lead to the production of antibodies by the mother, while the unborn baby may suffer organ enlargement and anemia.