A Peek into Psychopharmacology: Rats on Drugs

Born in Russia, Andy Verendeev didn't end up at American University in Washington, DC like most students do. After moving to Istanbul, Turkey at age 18, a country where he knew no one and could barely speak the language, he found a job and enrolled in a Turkish language school. "It was an adventure, it was great. By the end of the first year I decided I wanted to stay in Istanbul and go to college", Andy reflects.

EDITORIAL - US Presidential Candidates Must Address Political Scientific Crisis

The United States presidential nomination campaigns have raised controversial policy issues and have forced candidates to address complex questions. But between the arguments over race and gender, Iraq and the economy, a critical subject for anyone reading this publication has been largely overlooked: how the candidates propose to solve the country's growing science crisis.

Editorial: What Factors Influence Mate Selection?

How does one find a mate? That phrase in itself strikes fear into the hearts of many who are looking for the perfect husband or wife. Often enough, this is the most important decision that is to be made in one's life, whether they are a human or some other organism. As a consequence, much research has been targeted to this topic, with some speculating that certain aspects of an individual influence choice.