REVIEW ARTICLE: Pathways and Pathology in Cell Nuclear Migration and Anchorage

The nucleus of a cell is not sedentary, but occupies different locations in the cell at different times for different purposes. The proper migration and anchoring of the nucleus during development in polarized cells (e.g. neurons, muscle cells) becomes physiologically critical for signal transduction, structural integrity, and other functions in multicellular organisms.

Agrichar saving the planet with black earth

Trials in Australia have suggested a way to both fight climate change and improve the fertility of carbon-depleted fields. According to new research findings by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Agrichar, a black carbon by-product of pyrolysis, has tripled wheat yields when applied to fields in Australia. It has been newly hailed as the saviour of Australia's carbon-depleted soils, which have reduced yields due in part to limited amounts of the element.