On the Mountains: High Altitude Sickness in Nepal

"It was in Janai Purnima, a festival of Hindus, three years back, when we planned to trek up to the holy lake to take holy dip in the lake and to pray to God," says Dhan Bahadur. "On the way, my wife was having severe headache and too fatigue to walk any longer. She also complained of nausea and could not converse properly. So I had to hire a horse to take her to the lake. Throughout the journey, she could not talk nor eat anything."

It was altitude illness that Dhan Bahadur's wife was suffering from. Although it might have proved fatal as she was taken to still higher altitude, causing the symptoms to worsen, they were fortunate and she survived the journey.

Use of iLAP Plates as a New Rapid Screening Method for the Evaluation of Various Human Recombinant Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase Mutants with Wider Possible Applications

The amino acid sequence of the enzyme coproporphyrinogen oxidase (copro'gen oxidase) in the heme biosynthetic pathway is known but its catalytic mechanism has yet to be determined. As a result, it is essential to carry out site-directed mutagenesis on highly conserved amino acids to help determine which amino acids are essential for catalysis. Often, a large number of mutants are created in this fashion, so it is in the researcher's best interest to have a technique to evaluate such mutants efficiently, quickly, and cheaply.