MEDIA REVIEW - Nerve Endings: The Discovery of the Synapse by Richard Rapport

An electrical signal jumps down a nerve axon. Pop! The signal reaches the end of the axon where tiny packets of chemicals burst open into a minute space between two cells. These chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, cause the next neuron in line to become active and send its own electrical signal, propagating the message forward towards its target. This is the current paradigm of neurotransmission – how neurons communicate with one another – and it forms the fundamental framework for the entire field of neuroscience. However, this "neuron theory" (as it is known) was not the traditional model held by most scientists through much of history.

Brownfield Remediation for Urban Health: A Systematic Review and Case Assessment of Baltimore, Maryland

Many American cities, such as Baltimore, are facing modern dilemmas while transitioning from industrial to service-based economies. However, the decline of industry has left many cities with acres of abandoned and potentially contaminated tracts of land, called brownfields, which may pose hazards to human health. Thus, to explore potential hazards, urban economic impact, and strategies for revitalization- we conduct an in-depth case review of the brownfield situation in Baltimore, Maryland. We conducted a systematic review of MEDLINE from 1965 to 2003 to identify all relevant publications.