Returning to Flight, Continuing to What?

Returning to Flight, Continuing to What?

Kennedy Space Center is a rambling complex of buildings old and new that, except for the gaunt launch towers and massive Vehicle Assembly Building, seems barely to rise above the surrounding scrubland. Vegetation growing in the sandy soil of coastal Florida can be reminiscent of a far drier climate because rainwater drains so rapidly; however, a change in elevation of only a few feet can put you in a swamp. The land and water teem with wildlife – herons, egrets, alligators, manatees and pelicans are all common sights. To the south of KSC, towns form a linear sprawl along the ocean.

The Future of Communications: The Next Revolution in Applications of Quantum Physics

It is probably the longest war in history, spanning millennia, and physicists are only baby steps away from resolving the conflict for eternity. What is this war, who is fighting it, and how is it about to end?

Want a hint? Visit the National Security Agency's webpage. The NSA is America's elite fighting force of code makers and code breakers, unparalleled in the world. You might be surprised to know that it is the largest employer of mathematicians in the world.