Feeding Your Gut Bacteria May Be the Next Step to Curbing Your Appetite

Author:  Dana Lowry

Researchers in the UK have created a possible supplement that may be used for managing weight loss in the future. The scientists have developed a powdered form of a molecule that is digested by our gut bacteria. These bacteria then produce a substance able to curb appetite and decrease desire for junk foods.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to the Rescue!

Author:  Jennifer Charlicki

Recent research has tackled the question: what can we do to minimize the physical and mental stresses from work? Dawn Querstret and colleagues suggest that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can foster positive effects on workplace rumination, fatigue, and sleep. One group of participants engaged in a CBT workshop where they answered questions about their workplace, and also listened to how others cope with work-related stress, whereas the second group of participants did not. Six months after the initial assessment, the two groups were compared, and Querstret and her team concluded that CBT had in fact had positive effects on various aspects related to workplace exhaustion. 

Can Your Values Motivate You?

Author:  Jennifer Charlicki

Are you a student stressed about upcoming final exams? Is your motivation slowly decreasing with every textbook chapter you read? Well, you’re not alone. Identifying stress doesn’t seem to be the issue for students; “I’m so stressed out” is a common response to many questions. The issue is identifying ways to attack this stress in a sustainable manner.