The Impact of Treefall Gaps on the Species Richness of Invasive Plants

Author:  Charlotte Freeman

Invasive plant species pose a threat to biodiversity worldwide. Ecological disturbances, such as those created by fallen trees, create conditions in which invasive plant species can establish and thrive. This study investigated whether treefall gaps have higher richness of invasive plant species than other areas within forests and potentially serve as a source for the spread of invasive species.

A Day on the Farm: Lisa Satterwhite’s Research Profile

Author:  Emma Loewe

One morning in 2004, molecular geneticist Lisa Satterwhite was sitting at her office in Duke Hospital’s Cardiology Department when she came across a newspaper article that would ultimately shape the trajectory of her research. Lisa was struck by the story of Carlitos Herrera-Candelario, a child born without arms or legs. Carlitos was a victim of tetra-amelia, a rare disorder characterized by missing limbs, and he also suffered spinal and lung deformities