Understanding of Northern lights deepens

For years the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, has amazed spectators. Yet, the cause for these spectacular auroral displays has puzzled scientists until a recent breakthrough. A new study, published in the July 25th edition of Science explains how the brightening is generated in outer space, which then causes the observable polar flare-ups.

Water Observations Hopeful For Life on Mars

For years, scientists have had evidence that Mars has harbored water. But the big question is did it play a big role in the planet's development, like it has on Earth? Could it have fostered life? John Mustard, a professor at Brown University, and his colleagues have used results from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to provide, for the first time, an answer to these questions.

Security Errors Plague Online Banking

A University of Michigan study demonstrates the dangers involved with online banking. The study concluded that more than 75 percent of the 214 bank website investigated in 2006 had at least one design flaw that increases susceptibility of clients to cyber theft. Carnegie Mellon University will host a presentation of the findings on July 25.