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  • Daniel H. Wilson
  • “Canis lupus pack surrounding Bison” by Doug Smith via Wikimedia Commons and is available at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ACanis_lupus_pack_surrounding_Bison.jpg
  • Figure4b
  • SjutsBrownImage1
  • SumitaniFig1
  • Artist's impression of an RNA stand by UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences was used under a Creative Commons license and is available at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93636241@N07/8737208097/in/photolist-ej5tyV-bsycMM-adzK6u-bP3uNH-hw6yye-8V9AgE-9cP3mL-8VxDat-8V9Amb-8V6vYM-8VAEVA-9cKWHa-aMfwwB-8VxG1B-8VXm1h-cpSgCs-8VAGPL-9tzYSQ-bdjK1M-ec6yxi-bdjKZv-cvA56q-jNCZVc-cvA4Um-cvA52j-ejbd2Y-dTKmQi-7A2xr3-7CjjnM-7zXM9R-dRBpWK-dRGZfy-dRBpJ8-fL97AL-i1uzgd
  • MRIScans by onlinedocturs was used a Creative Commons license and is available at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/64922773@N07/6034681874/in/photolist-acgjFd-acgjPh-acgjPQ-acdu46-acdu1i-acdu1P-a3Sf4q-7BbTAU-a3PpLc-a3PpLt-a3PpJn-a3PpJV-a3Sf3f-9W7Qt4-a3Sfam-bo9zcG-aBDC1M-7FEdwa-7MXdRD-gAnhzR-gAmS49-acdu2R-7ZmpwN-a3PpMZ-9cFep3-a3PpHz-7QiHDj-7QiHBb-a3Sf5h-a3PpHM-dwY2eY-dwY2cE-dwY2g3-dwSwng-7A9mik-7Effrs-bZLwgC-bjiYiB-a3Sf6U-9xSc2R-9xSbZr-7XtkWr-7Xwz2b-7XtkYv-a3Sf67-fMYejv-dq6sZk-a3SfaS-a3Sf6s-agdejQ-bB4roB
By: Jessica N. Keating, Brittney Patterson, Roberta Speir, Caroline Wiswell, Luz Aceves Gonzalez, Hema Kundargi, Tugba Bayrak, Colette LaSalle
Figure 7. The results of performing wavelet decomposition and reconstruction on the image pictured in Figure 4.
By: Joshua Michael Lojzim & Marcus Fries
By: Sabrina Chambuso, Bernard Okamo, Vitus Silago, Martha Fidelis Mushi, Erasmus Kamugisha
Figure 5. Pollen germination on sucrose.
By: Anjela J. Lagera, Lloyd O. Balinado, John Rex Baldomero, Hannah Fae I. Rotairo, Nariza L. Tero, Mailyn S. Maghinay, Irma F. Baluyo, Mary Rose Reyes, Regine Galve, Shellie Ann Sibao, Jeramie V. Rufino
Science Careers
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Flickr
By: Madeleine Jepsen
HENDERSON article feature
By: Joshua Smith-Sreen
By: Amelia Powell
Feature Image GC2
By: Madeleine Jepsen
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