Sarah Izabel

VCU 1 copy - Sarah Izabel.JPG

Biology and Psychology with a minor in Chemistry
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2020

Sarah is an Honor student majoring in Biology and Psychology, with a minor in chemistry and a concentration in life sciences. Sarah has been involved in undergraduate research since her first year, when she was awarded an NIH-IMSD Scholarship and started working with biomedical research in neuroscience at VCU investigating the effects of neuronal injury in axonal domains. Outside of her university, Sarah has engaged in neuroscience at University of California San Francisco, through the HHMI Exrop, where she examined dendrite recovery post injury, and at the University of Miami with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (NIH), where she explored the immune response in the spinal cord following Schwann Cell transplantation. At VCU she has also added clinical research experience by joining a psychiatry lab and investigating the effects of substance abuse in short-term memory. Sarah serves her university as their representative at the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. She is an SI leader in Biology and Psychology and an advisor to the VCU Vice Provost for Student Affairs. When not studying she enjoys spending time with her son and reading.

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