Jessamyn Chiu


Biochemistry & Cell Biology
HKUST, 2019

Jessamyn is a biologist and a scientific communicator. She is studying Biochemistry & Cell Biology at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a Dean’s List awardee and is a fully funded research scholar. Jessamyn is interested in behavioral ecology and the quantification of anthropogenic impact on our environment. She is also a part-time editor & researcher for a multinational laboratory food testing company, creating popular science articles and training materials for other corporates. In the future, Jessamyn is interested in helping to build a better world through advising for policy changes; after graduation, she wishes to pursue a PhD in ecology and environmental biology. An avid rock climber and scuba diver, Jessamyn also tries to spend a day every week on the water and enjoys all adventure sports involving speed and adrenaline.

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