JYI's Collaboration with EUCYS

The Journal of Young Investigators is proud to announce its collaboration with the European Union Competition for Young Scientist to publish the manuscripts of the 2014 competitors. All published manuscripts will be publicly available approximately six months after JYI has received the submissions.

What is EUCYS?

The European Union Contest for Young Scientists is an initiative of the European Commission. Starting first in 1989, the goal of the competition was to promote Europe’s youngest and brightest scientists by guiding them towards a future career in science and technology.

The location of the competition changes annually and this year, it was held at the University of Warsaw. As expected, the competition served exhibition of the finest work developed by young scientists in a variety of fields of research ranging from biosciences and medicine to psychology and agriculture.

If you are an author involved with EUCYS submitting to JYI, please visit the Submit page of the the EUCYS tab.

For further information about EUCYS, please visit ec.europa.eu.


In addition, the JYI is excited to announce its collaboration with Paperity, the world’s first multi-disciplinary aggregator of peer-reviewed Open Access journals. It gives readers easy and unconstrained access to thousands of journals all in one central location while simultaneously increasing the expose of authors and Open Access journals. As a partner of JYI, Paperity will index all EUCYS manuscripts within it's open access aggregator and they will be publically available among 160,000 other OA articles! Paperity truly is the way towards a more scholarly communication.