Our Impact

For the past 15 years, the Journal of Young Investigators has successfully provided learning and professional career development opportunities to the undergraduate community, predominantly in scientific communication and publication. JYI focuses on providing this introduction to two groups of students – authors and editors. For student authors, JYI recognizes that they are likely to have little experience in a peer-reviewed publication system. JYI helps these students develop effective science writing skills by encouraging them to publish their scientific research in a journal refereed by their peers. Student editors, on the other hand, receive in-depth experience in reviewing scientific literature and engage in dialogue with authors.

The Journal’s website receives approximately 40,000 unique visits each month from students, faculty, and members of the general public. Visitors are exposed to the world of undergraduate research and to the exciting career-related opportunities at JYI. JYI staff members include some of the science, mathematics, engineering, and technology leaders of tomorrow. They are continuously working to communicate effectively, write and review scientific manuscripts, and write about science for the public. The enthusiasm of the students and the vibrant atmosphere are represented by our manuscript output and  exciting new projects like the annual Virtual Poster Session.