Comparative Study on the Status of Glycation Precursors, Advanced Glycation End Products, and Cell Viability Under Effects of Kaempferol, Myricetin, and Azaleatin in HGC-27 Cell Line

Glycation as an endogenous process may alter the structure and biological functions of macromolecules, thus playing an important role in cell growth retardation. This study was conducted to evaluate the levels of glycation precursors, advanced glycation end products, and cell viability under effects of kaempferol, myricetin, and azaleatin in the HGC-27 cell line.

Effect of pH on the Kinetics of Alanine Racemase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Selective pressure generated by the misuse of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture has resulted in antimicrobial resistance and the subsequent reemergence of several pathogenic bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MT), the etiological agent of tuberculosis (TB) disease. Increased resistance of MT to previously-effective antibiotics is associated with greater incidence rates and burden of TB disease. Novel approaches to infection mitigation must be explored if we are to attenuate the destructive force of this pathogen.