Two Point Correlation Function and Monte Carlo Simulations of Clustering Properties of Manganese Populated Areas In Scandium Nitride System

Dilute magnetic semiconductors are materials that couple useful magnetic and semiconductor properties. However, making them useful for electronic application requires them to have reliable ferromagnetism sustained all the way to room temperature and above. Understanding the clustering behavior of magnetic dopants in dilute magnetic semiconductors is very important since it can reveal the source of the magnetism.

Pain Quality and Endurance in the Context of Sacrifice: An Empirical Investigation

How is the experience of pain altered by perceptions of its meaning? Does endurance or quality change with context? Work done by Melzack and Wall (1965) suggests that pain is as much a "top-down" process as it is "bottom-up". One of the many ways in which pain is shaped "top-down" is through an understanding of the meaning or purpose of the pain endured

Characterizing Thyroid-Depression Interactions: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Clinical lore in psychiatry has long suggested interactions between thyroid function and mood, with clinicians often reporting hypothyroidism accompanied by depressed mood in affected subpopulations. Researchers from an array of disciplines have sought to elucidate the shared pathophysiology, symptomalogy, and etiology underlying these thyroid-mood comorbidities. This review assembles recent findings in an effort to better understand the biological basis of thyroid-depression interactions.