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Integration of Treatment for TB and HIV Patients Deemed Crucial

Previous debates of whether tuberculosis (TB)-HIV patients should receive treatment for both diseases simultaneously have been resolved. A clinical trial study recently published in the February 25th issue of The New England Journal of Medicine shows that mortality was significantly reduced in co-infected TB and HIV patients when they were treated for both diseases simultaneously. Medical physicians and researchers from participating institutions, including Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and University of KwaZulu-Natal, collaborated on a research study to find that treatment for HIV should be initiated during TB treatment therapy.

Regeneration of Insulin-Producing Cells in the Pancreas: A New Hope for Diabetic Treatment

A recent study on diabetic mice showed that the pancreas can recreate insulin-producing cells through a cell conversion process. This process, as the scientists discovered, can effectively treat Type I diabetes. Researchers from the University of Geneva, Switzerland report this exciting result in the April 4 issue of Nature.