University of Mississippi Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program is designed to provide biomedical research experience for undergraduate students who have an interest in physiology and may wish to pursue a graduate degree in biomedical research.  This program is intended for creative, self-motivated students who seek an opportunity to participate in cutting edge research studies.  During this 10 week program, the student will work on a research study under the guidance of a faculty member and will participate in weekly discussion sessions with several members of the faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students.  The student will be exposed to state-of-the art technology and equipment to pursue an integrative approach to study cardiovascular, renal, and neuroendocrine systems in normal physiology and in diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, obesity and diabetes, atherosclerosis, preeclampsia, and renal failure. Students are awarded a stipend of $3,500 (before taxes) for the 10 week period.  Each student will be expected to spend a minimum of 40 hours/ week in the Internship Program.

Host Institution(s)

University of Mississippi Medical Center (Jackson, MS)

Citizenship Requirements

U.S. citizen or permanent resident


1.    Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student
2.    3.0 cumulative GPA
3.    Reside in the continental USA
4.    Considering the pursuit of a Ph.D. Physiology
5.    Application packet consisting of an application, recent transcript, and 2 letters of recommendation

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