University of Massachusetts Summer Undegraduate Research Program

The University of Massachusetts Medical School Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity is a non-credit, ten-week, structured research experience and consists of “hands-on” laboratory research experience with an investigator serving as a mentor, role model and advisor. The program is designed to provide participants in-depth exposure to the actual scientific research in the hopes that the excitement, challenge and creativity of the enterprize will convince them to consider research in the sciences as a viable career choice. This is a non credit program.

Host Institution(s)

University of Massachusetts (Worcester, MA)

Citizenship Requirements

U.S. citizen or permanent resident


All participants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and at least eighteen years of age to apply. You can not be receiving funding from any other sources during the program. When submitting your application please check off one of the following funding sources, NIH or SURE as per criteria given in their website.

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JYI is always looking for motivated undergraduate students to join our team. We also are looking for faculty members and professional science writers to serve as mentors for undergraduates.
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