UCD – Graduate Experiences for Multicultural Students


The course will be conducted by distinguished research faculty and will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and laboratory research assignments with a mentor. Participating basic science programs at UC Denver include biochemistry and molecular genetics, cell and developmental biology, cancer biology, human medical genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, reproductive science, and physiology and biophysics.

Host Institution(s)

University of Colorado, Denver (Denver, CO)

Citizenship Requirements

Those who have just completed their freshman year or graduated and international students (with student visas) are not eligible for this program.


GEMS interns are selected on the basis of academic achievement, interest in biomedical science research careers, and inclusion in an underrepresented group or category (first generation college attendee, low income, financial need, or ethnic identity as African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaska Native, or Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander). Successful applicants will have completed two years of college and demonstrated aptitude in one or more laboratory science courses.

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