The University of Cincinnati Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD) Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

This program is designed and provides experience for individuals who have a potential interest in combined MD/PhD training. Offering hands-on research training in a medical school setting. Each intern is matched with a faculty advisor based on mutual research interests. The advisor and intern design a research project within the context of the current research in the advisors’ laboratory, which can result in a student-authored publication. Each intern is also teamed with a physician who they can shadow on ward rounds, and clinical service and view operations. The internship provides a $2500 fellowship for 10 students for the eight-week period. Housing on campus is provided.

Host Institution(s)

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (Cincinnati, OH)

Citizenship Requirements

U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents only.


The internships are designed for talented undergraduate sophomore or junior science majors who are interested in both basic science research and clinical medicine. 

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