The University of Cincinnati American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The 10-week summer residential full-time ASPET SURF program offered at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center (UCAHC) will provide opportunities for 5 trainees each summer, starting in 2007. Applicants who express interest in pursuing advanced graduate degrees in pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmaceutical sciences will be selected from a regional and national competitive pool with distinguished academic records that have completed at least two full academic years of university courses as full-time students. Each summer, the program will match a total of 5 rising junior and senior students to active research programs of available faculty mentor teams that include at least one ASPET member as mentor or co-mentor. Students will be appointed as Dalton/Zannoni Fellows and will be enrolled as student members of the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Each Fellow will receive a stipend of $4,000 for the full time 10 week research training program.  Stipends for the ASPET SURF Program student will be comparable to stipends offered to undergraduate students accepted to other SURF programs at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center.
Host Institution(s)

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (Cincinnati, OH)

Citizenship Requirements

U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents only.


Students who have completed 2 years of academic study in accredited college or university and have declared a major subject of study that logically would prepare them as a viable graduate degree program applicant will be given priority consideration. Student cumulative GPA, scope of courses, letters of recommendation (2 from faculty) and statement of how this SURF Program will assist the student in achieving their goals of completing an advanced graduate degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) leading to a career in pharmacology, toxicology, or pharmaceutical sciences will be given strong emphasis in applicant selection. The selection committee will be review applications and rank applicants for appointment offers.

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