The George Washington University Summer Program for Women in Mathematics (SPWM)

SPWM is a 5-week program for 16 outstanding undergraduate women majoring in mathematical disciplines who have completed their junior year and are considering graduate study in the mathematical sciences. Goals of the program are to communicate an enthusiasm for mathematics, to develop research skills, to cultivate mathematical self-confidence and independence, and to promote success in graduate school. We bring the participants into contact with successful women mathematicians in academia, industry, and government. We aim to provide the students with a broad exposure to mathematical culture, illustrating the beauty and attraction of mathematics, the tools necessary for success in mathematics, applications of mathematics to business and industry, and the career opportunities available to mathematicians.

Host Institution(s)

The George Washington University (Washington, D.C.)

Citizenship Requirements

U.S. citizen or permanent resident


Undergraduate women at a US university or college, who are completing their junior year, or equivalent, and have mathematical experience beyond the typical first courses in calculus and linear algebra.

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