Medical College of Wisconsin Summer Program for Undergraduate Research

The Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) provides the opportunity for students to learn first-hand the potential of the biomedical sciences as an interesting and fulfilling career.  The SPUR program provides laboratory experience in science, in which the undergraduate works with graduate faculty, students, and staff on significant ongoing basic science research issues.

Host Institution(s)

Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)

Citizenship Requirements

International students studying at US domestic institutions on a F-1 visa are eligible to apply and participate in the program.  The F-1 status is required for participation.


Current sophomores and juniors with a background in science and an interest in graduate school are encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed based on academic records, academic interests, personal statements, and two letters of recommendation and official school transcripts.  A GPA of 3.2 or higher will be given first preference.  Previous laboratory experience is not required, although letters of recommendation from instructors and advisors that establish a high level of interest in the sciences will be used to evaluate candidates.  Applicants will choose three areas of interest in order of preference.  Individual faculty will review the preferences of the applicant, the applicant’s credentials and then select an applicant best suited for their laboratory.

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