Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program

After a 35-year hiatus, NASA is returning humans to the Moon. The agency and its partners in academia, industry, and the international community are engaged in an exciting new exploration initiative designed to study the lunar surface robotically beginning in 2008 and with crewed landers before 2020. NASA asked the National Research Council (NRC) to develop a set of science priorities for this lunar exploration initiative. To help integrate those science priorities with NASA’s exploration program, the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) is hosting a special summer intern program to evaluate possible landing sites for robotic and human exploration missions. Four to six interns will work with LPI science staff and other collaborators to evaluate the best landing sites to address each of the NRC’s science priorities. This will be a unique team activity that should foster extensive discussions among students and senior science team members.

Host Institution(s)

Lunar and Planetary Institute (Houston, TX)

Citizenship Requirements

The program is open to international graduate students and undergraduates as well as students from the United States.


This program is open to graduate students in geology, planetary science, and related programs. It is also open to undergraduates with at least 50 semester hours of credit so that they, too, can participate in lunar exploration activities.

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