Advisor approval policy


In this policy “the student” refers to the undergraduate(s) who wrote the article, and “you” refers to these students’ advisor. Any questions regarding the approval policy should be directed to

The purpose of this policy is to inform the student’s advisor of the various criteria they must agree to before approving the publication of a student research article.

Policy body

You attest that you have thoroughly reviewed the student’s research manuscript, specifically regarding the proper citation of all references. Additionally, you agree that to the best of your knowledge, the undergraduate student researched and wrote the article herself, and that the majority of the work has been done by the undergraduate student.

You agree to be identified as the student’s advisor. You attest that you have checked that all authors of the article agree to its submission to JYI. Additionally, you attest that this article is not currently under review at any other journals. You understand that data published in JYI may not be accepted for subsequent publication by other journals. 

You understand if the research article fails to meet any of the criteria listed here, the article will be rejected, and the student will not be permitted to submit articles to JYI in the future. 

JYI is always looking for motivated undergraduate students to join our team. We also are looking for faculty members and professional science writers to serve as mentors for undergraduates.
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