Jamil Muradov

Life Science Spec. in Neuroscience
Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, 2019

 I always believed that what makes a scientist an outstanding professional is the capability to identify unique, unpredictable, hard-to-be-seen patterns in behavior of natural systems, which should be treated as additional pieces to the solution of typical problems, we are facing, as a biological species, from the cancer to the utilization of the star energy to the appreciation of the beautiful mechanisms of human mind and soul. That is why I am strongly passionate to pursue a career in medicine, so I would have a chance not only to fulfill my personal altruistic potential, but also identify the problems of the society, in whole, represented by those, who suffer from diseases, make my own impact on deviation from the protocol-based therapy and promote individualistic approach, emphasizing the synergy of both physical and mental health, as I believe: Physicians should not treat diseases, they should treat the patients. That is why, I have the strong interest to literature, psychology, philosophy and fine art of all sorts: Ancient Classics of Aristotel, Archimedes and Midieval genii of Machiavelli, Rembrandt, Omar Khayyam, French Enlighters and German Flegmatics of 19th century, beautiful works of Charles Chaplin and Walt Disney, heartwarming stories of Heamingway and Remarque and realistic, full of life expressions of Marlon Brando, Tarantino and Tykwer. Shortly speaking, what I am interested in is human nature, its beauty and exploration of its potential. 

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