Benjamin Kahn

College of Arts & Sciences
University of Pennsylvania, 2018

Benjamin Kahn is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, concentrating in Health Care Markets and Finance, with minors in Chemistry and American Public Policy. His current research in Dr. Ben Stanger’s lab involves investigating mechanisms of angiogenesis in pancreatic cancer, and writing machine-learning algorithms to discover conserved gene expression signatures of tumor vascularity. His past research in Dr. Doug Epstein’s lab used a mouse model to identify alcohol consumption during early pregnancy as a risk factor for Septo-optic Dysplasia, via perturbation of the Shh signaling pathway. Outside of research he teaches science and health classes at various West Philadelphia schools, and serves on the executive boards of the Beta Pi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha and the Student Technology Advisory Board. In his free time he enjoys playing pickup soccer, barbecuing at the beach, and rooting for the Phillies. He plans to pursue a career as a physician scientist. 

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