The Efficacy of Aqueous False Yam (Icacina oliviformis) Tuber Extract Against Cowpea Aphids (Aphis craccivora Koch)

doi:10.22186/jyi.32.3.7-22-24 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Cowpea aphids (Aphis craccivora) are a major pest of cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata), which feed on the plant at the vegetative stage by sucking the sap. In an endeavour to find an new method of controlling aphid infestation in the Northern Ghana, an in vitro study was carried out to investigate the effect […]

The in vitro Studies of the Inhibitory Effect of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Treated Contact Lenses

doi: 10.22186/jyi.32.4.25-29 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the leading cause of ocular infections in those who wear contact lenses. Others have previously done a study using the antioxidant selenium-coated contact lenses to inhibit the bacteria in an animal model. However, selenium is very toxic even in small quantities. In this study, green tea which is […]

Sleep Quality and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

PDF A study at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Medical Science, measured the correlation between sleep quality and the different subtypes of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Researcher, Sun Young Rosalia Yoon, expected that sleep quality and ADHD would be correlated due to the effects of sleep deprivation, such as deficits in cognitive functions; such effects […]

Pig Chimeras Offer Glimpse of Future Human Organ Development

PDF On January 26, 2017, a team led by Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies successfully created pig embryos that had the potential to generate human organs. The team’s experimental results marked a key development in the artificial generation of chimeras, which are organisms that derive cells from various […]

A ‘Marriage’ of Psychology and Genetics: The Field of Genetic Counseling

PDF (Introduction: Nancie Petrucelli is a genetic counselor with the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan. She specializes in genetic counseling related to cancer, and also serves as an associate professor of oncology at Wayne State University School of Medicine. She holds a master’s degree in genetic counseling from the University of Cincinnati.) You mentioned […]

Beyond the Microscope: A Closer Look at the Work of Dr. James Reynolds

PDF Dr. James Reynolds is a professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s University. He also boasts an extensive, successful career in the field of pharmacology and neurotoxicology, and for the past 25 years, his central research focus has been the effects of alcohol on brain function. In particular, his current research project […]

Addition of Zinc, Manganese, and Iron to Growth Media Triggers Antibiotic Production in Bacterial Isolates From the Lower Atmosphere

doi:10.22186/jyi.32.2.7-11 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract With the growing number of antibiotic-resistant pathogens, there is a need for new antibiotics. Bacteria within the order Actinomycetales produce the majority of known antibiotic compounds but harbor cryptic secondary metabolic pathways that likely produce thousands more antibiotics awaiting discovery. This has recently renewed interests in bioprospecting for novel Actinomycetales in underexplored […]

rClone: A Synthetic Biology Tool That Enables the Research of Bacterial Translation

doi:10.22186/jyi.32.3.7-12-19 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Understanding bacterial translation is of interest to many high school and college biology students, but hands-on research of this process has traditionally been inaccessible because of the expertise required for molecular cloning. There is also a need for more and better translational control elements that can be used for genetic circuits with […]

Should I Stay or Should I Lyse? Viruses Communicate to Make Decisions

When a virus infects a cell, it has an important decision to make – whether to kill the host (lysis) or to integrate its DNA into the host genome (lysogeny), entering a state of dormancy. This anthropomorphic view may not be far from the truth. A recent study by Zohar Erez and colleagues in Israel, […]

A Magic Treatment? Study Finds Psilocybin Reduces Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are known to develop clinically significant, long-term symptoms of depression and anxiety. In fact, one in four cancer patients has clinical depression and almost 40% meet the criteria for a mood disorder.1 However, a recent Johns Hopkins University study shows that hope may lie in psychedelic research. In this long-awaited study, published in […]

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