Therapeutic Potential of Optogenetic Treatment for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.77-82 Abstract | Introduction | Future Directions and Conclusion | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neuroautoimmune condition characterized by neurodegeneration and demyelination throughout the central nervous system. While the pathology of MS is largely unknown, its symptoms are well defined. Current MS therapies such as intravenous corticoid injection, disease […]

Application of Neuroscience Principles for Evidence-based Design in Architectural Education

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.71-76 Abstract | Introduction | Evidence-Based Design | Conclusions | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract We spend approximately 90% of our time within a built environment, whether it is in our homes, offices, schools, city parks, or public spaces. This bears significance, as we are equally shaped by both our genetic makeup as well as our […]

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Connecting Mechanisms to Diagnosis and Treatment

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.83-86 Abstract | Introduction |Discussion | Conclusions | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that has been linked to the incidence of repetitive mild traumatic brain injuries. As chronic traumatic encephalopathy has no formal diagnosis or treatment, current research is striving to better understand its neuropathology in order to develop effective […]

A New Perspective on Parkinson’s Disease: Pathology Begins in the Gastrointestinal Tract

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.63-70  Abstract | Introduction | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract Gastrointestinal dysfunction has a high prevalence in the preclinical phase of Parkinson’s Disease. This review analyzes recent reports that show abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract of Parkinson’s patients compared to controls, suggesting that the disease originates in the gut. The enteric nervous system, which is […]

Non-Hermitian Wave Mechanics: An Unorthodox Way into Embedded Systems

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.87-90 Abstract | Introduction | Summary and Outlook| References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract This review outlines an unconventional but timely formulation of quantum dynamics of systems in contact with an environment. This alternative approach to traditional quantum mechanics is generic and is currently gaining attention in a number of fields as, for example, quantum scattering […]

Strain Specific: Microbial Strains Involved in Gut-Brain Signaling

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.3.49-54 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Exploration into the microbial role within behavior and neurologic regulation has been an area of growing interest and research. While in-vitro and in-vivo experimentation has suggested that commensal microbiota play a role within behavioral and neurologic functioning, little distinction has been made about the specific microbes inducing change. In order to understand […]

Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Morphological Processing and the Discrete Wavelet Transform

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.3.55-62 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Medical imaging is key for the successful diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, but the initial detection of tumors is, by nature, difficult. Image segmentation, a technique often used to aid detection, is highly dependent on the resolution of the segmented image. Many common morphological segmentation methods often suffer from a lack […]

Prevalence and Outcomes of Electrolytes Deficiency in Children under Five with Diarrhea in Mwanza, Tanzania

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.2.46-48 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Dehydration from diarrhea leads to a loss of vital electrolytes in the body. The prevalence of electrolytes deficiency and its outcomes due to diarrhea among children under five in Mwanza, Tanzania was not clearly known, thus this study was performed to determine this statistic. A cohort study was conducted among 66 children […]

Preserving History for Posterity: The Museum Conservator

PDF Nearly 850 million visitors come to American museums each year, according to the American Alliance of Museums. These visitors see the many colorful, historic, and informative exhibits, but few see the important behind-the-scenes work that keeps the exhibits running. This is the job of the conservator.Conservators, such as Rebecca Newberry of the Science Museum […]

Varying Sugars and Sugar Concentrations Influence In Vitro Pollen Germination and Pollen Tube Growth of Cassia alata L.

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.1.42-45 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract This study investigates the effects of varying sugars and sugar concentrations on the in vitro germination and tube growth of pollens of Cassia alata L., a known Philippine ornamental and medicinal plant. This aims to add information on the pollination fertilization mechanism of the plant for its possible extensive cultivation. Using a […]

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