Science Writing Mentors


JYI’s News & Features Department promotes science writing among college students by connecting them with professional science writers who were once in their shoes. The result is high quality constructive criticism — and better journalism.

How it works

Every month, our undergraduate science journalists are assigned to write either one feature article or two news articles. Mentors are assigned to guide one journalist in his or her writing, and the journalist discusses and incorporates the mentor’s suggestions to improve his or her storytelling skills. Mentoring takes place primarily via email, and the finalized articles are published on JYI’s website and monthly journal issues. Mentors usually spend about one to two hours in total helping science journalists improve the way they unfold each science article. Mentors typically review one to two articles per month and build a relationship with one young writer over an extended period of time.

Our Science Journalists

So, who exactly are these budding science journalists? We offer Journalist positions to students who are actively engaged in science and journalism or communicating science to the public on some level. Mentors may be working with future science writers, doctors, engineers, physicists, researchers and other future scientists from around the world. For many, it’s one of the few outlets they have to combine their love for science and writing during their college years.

The Mentor-Mentee relationship

Regardless of their field of study, all science journalists leave JYI at the end of their undergraduate careers with a practical understanding of the value and craft behind communicating science, most of which is taken from the relationship with their mentor. If you are a professional science writer and are considering becoming a Science Writing Mentor to take a hand in shaping some of the world’s future science communicators, please contact

Interesting in joining the JYI staff? Go to Participate -> Students to see what positions are available. All positions are done on a voluntary basis, and undergraduate students from across the world are encouraged to apply.
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