Archive Issues2009, December


Mechanical Properties of Buckypaper Laminate Composites and Buckypaper Subjected to Microwave Irradiation
Simulation and Optimization of the HINS Ion Source Extraction System
Crystallographic Characterization of GaN Nanowires by Raman Spectral Image Mapping
Metallurgical Analyses of Niobium for Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities
Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Background Sources in the Measurement of the 12C(α,γ)16O Reaction Rate
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pretreated Corn Stover at High Solids Loadings
Cadmium Sulfide and Titanium Dioxide Thin Film Nanostructures for Nanocrystal-Based Solar Cells
Power Measurement and Modulization in the Network Protocol Independent Performance Evaluator (NetPIPE)
Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Graphite Samples
The Extreme C-terminus of Xeroderma pigmentosum group G protein Mediates Protein-Protein Interactions
Physical Modeling of Spinel Crystals Settling at Low Reynolds Numbers
Correcting the Energy Reconstruction of Photons Detected in the Electromagnetic Calorimeter
Post-Deposition Induced Conductivity in Pulsed Laser Irradiated Metal Doped Zinc Oxide Films
Implementation of Viscous Effects in RELAP5-3D Thermal Hydraulics Code
Creating Improved Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Developing a Routing Priority Map for Geospatial Modeling of CO2 Pipeline Deployment in the People’s Republic of China

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