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Science Careers

Interview with Penny Kuhn M.Sc. – Managing Editor at Endangered Species Research
Preserving History for Posterity: The Museum Conservator
Life at the Forefront of Infectious Disease : An Interview with Dr. Andrew Henderson
Becoming a Vet- Comparing the US to the UK
A ‘Marriage’ of Psychology and Genetics: The Field of Genetic Counseling
Beyond the Microscope: A Closer Look at the Work of Dr. James Reynolds
Microbes and Medicine: An Interview With Dr. Prameet Sheth
Interview With a Reproductive Biologist: A Closer Look at the Life and Work of Dr. Anne Croy
Lessons From The Lab Bench
Communicating Discoveries: The Career of Science Journalism
Interview With Dr. Nancy Galambos, A Developmental Psychologist
Interview with a Developmental Biologist: Dr Jean-Léon Maître
Interview with a Lab Manager: Micah Simmons, UAB School of Medicine
A Career in Counselling Psychology
Making Makeup: A career in cosmetic chemistry
From Graduate School to Patent Law
The Career Paths of Bioengineering
A Career in Environmental Sciences
Being an Airplane and Rocket Ship Builder
The Why’s and How’s of Biotechnology Startups
Teaching a Machine to Learn
The Tough Choice of a Life Scientist: Industry vs. Academia
Time Travel with Weird and Wacky Organisms: a Peek into an Evolutionary Biologist’s World
Schizophrenia’s Specificity to Humans
Interview with hydrologist Dr. Ana Barros
Lasers and Stuff: A Day in the Life of Dr. David Hilton
The Unsung Heroes Of The Lab
A Day on the Farm: Lisa Satterwhite’s Research Profile
Interview with a Bioinformatician: Dr. Ryan Mills, Ph.D.
Pedagogy: A Science of its Own
Interview with Bonnie Kuehl of Scientific Insights Consulting Group Inc.
Naturopathic Medicine: Not Just for Hippocrates and Hippies
Interview with Dr. Derrick Rossi of Moderna Therapeutics
Sticky Fingers: A Glimpse into the Work of a Latent Print Examiner
A Passion for Mathematics: Career Feature on Nadia Maryukova
Interview with a Chiropractor – Dr. Jeff McIntyre
Supercomputers and Atoms: The Career of a Computational Chemist
Dr. Ronnie Guillet on Neonatology
Mrs. Sandra Eberhardt-Page on Teaching High School Biology
Living to Save Lives: The Career of a Paramedic
Forensic Anthropologists Have a Bone to Pick With TV Crime Shows
Careers in Environmental Consulting
Assisting in the Field: A True Research Adventure
The Teaching Career Column: Teaching History in the Science Classroom
Carrying on Tradition, Advancing Knowledge
Dr. Geoffrey Ginsburg: A Personalized Look at Medicine
Taking Time Off: Research Assistant Opportunities
Careers in Satellite Technology
What’s it like to work at a national laboratory?
Raymond Gilmartin, Former CEO of Merck & Co, Inc
Dr. Vinay Kumar, Researcher, Teacher, and Administrator
Putting Science on Display
Careers in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Working with Classified Materials: Why All the Secrecy?
Dr. Francis Collins on Biomedical Research at the National Institutes of Health
Applying for Government Jobs
Basics of the Government Pay Scale: Grades, levels, steps?
Getting into Graduate School
Investigating the Truth Behind CSI
Careers in Science Communication: An Overview
Careers in Government: An Overview
Careers in Industry: An Overview
K-12 Science Teaching: An Overview
Careers in Academia: An Overview
Interview with Dr. Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health
Interview with Mr. Clifford Ball: a Clinical Cardiac Perfusionist
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