Perspectives Pieces


Perspective articles submitted to JYI are written about the context in which scientific research becomes relevant and functions in the world around us. While a research manuscript confers experimental data in a somewhat formulaic, rigid manner, a perspective piece should take available research and add a compelling depth of analysis, novelty of insight, and/or opinion. Perspective pieces should be written in an essay format with a clear authorial voice on a topic that you have experience with and the JYI audience may find fascinating. In essence, a perspective article is your chance to take your research or area of interest to the next step; further than you would be able to in a traditional review or experimental manuscript. Grab your audience’s attention and share your perspective on a topic.


Perspective Guidelines:

-           Write about a topic in which you have a high level of experience and insight: this could be your research, a topic within your major, and/or a more personal experience.

-           Use concrete examples (published statistics, well-supported theories, strong analogies) to further your points and overall narrative.

-           Do not exceed 1,250 words.

-           Avoid promotional material of any kind, clichés (i.e. to be or not to be…), flowery language, jargon, and buzzwords.

-           Figures need not be included.

-           Do not embellish or misrepresent existing research to further your perspective’s points.

-           The maximum number of references is twelve; APA format.

-           Have someone impartial read your submission to ensure that it makes sense and keeps their interest.

Before beginning to write your perspective articles, please see these examples.

Kathryn – NEJM

Resident Duty Hours and Medical Education Policy — Raising the Evidence Bar

It’s a Beautiful Thing – JAMA

Sweeping Molecules With Light – NJP

Guide to Scientific Writing

Coming Soon

Looking for a place to publish your research? Are you an undergraduate? If so, you’re in the right place. JYI accepts undergraduate research articles on a rolling basis, so manuscripts can be submitted at any time.
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